Few tools that come in
 handy for Lead 
Generating business leads is a modern day marketing process which assists in finding customers and nurturing their prospects until they are converted into loyal/paying customers. The consumers are usually divided by several demographics and to connect with them, you would be needing different media channels through which you can promote your business in a right manner.  

The Magento Website Development is another effective way of pitching your target customers. Once the business message reaches the potential customers, and if they opt to share contact, you can start building a relation by communicating via phone or email. For a long-term relationship, you have to stay true to your words and do offer your customers quality services.  
Here are tools that you can use for generating leads:  

Newsletter: It is one of the easiest ways of generating leads. With the help of newsletters, you can get authentic user information which would make your pitching process a lot easier. Make sure you add “Sign Up for Newsletter” on your website so that the visitors can subscribe to this service.  

Blogs: By setting up a blog related to your business, you will have complete control over your content and it also helps in gaining the proper attention of the reader/visitor. Moreover, you can also add the “Sign up for Newsletter” tab on your blog too. Besides this, it will be good if you take help of Magento Developer who will help you design your blog in a proper manner so that you can quickly promote your products.  

Twitter: This is one of the widely used social media sites especially for the process of lead generation. You can get yourself registered on the Twitter and start using right hashtags (#) to reach out to your customers. Along with that you can also get in touch with leading businessmen and can get their attention by posting right content.

You can also look out for trending topics and by becoming a part of these discussions, you can eventually generate leads for your business.

Infographics: These infographics are not only cheap to produce but are also the best way to disseminate crucial information among potential customers. You can share these infographic designs on social media sites, newsletters, blogs, or can directly email them to the users. All you need is a skilled designer, who will provide you with quality rich designs related to your business, products and services.